Wholesale Inquiry

Hello, future business partners!

Thanks for your interest in Yarn-a and our products. We are selling products that we proudly produced and manufactured in South Korea. FYI, we only do business with craft, knitting, and crohet related companies. To become partners with us, let us know what products have drawn you to this page. If the products you are interested are not showing on this site, ask us about the product with photos, video, or website links. You can see more products on our korean site (www.yarn-a.com).

So, if you're ready, just send an e-mail to yarn-a@naver.com with answers for the following questions.

1. Your name and position

2. Your e-mail address and phone number

3. The type of store you own (brick and mortar or online store)

4. Store name, location, or website (it's better to show that your business is related to craft, knitting, crochet, etc)

5. What yarn are you interested in to sell or purchase?

6. (Optional) Any questions about Yarn-a that you want to know?

We will get back to you soon. Thanks for reaching us!